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Roofing and Building Envelope Consultants



Congratulations! You have reached the new website of Michael L. Hamilton, Inc. Roofing and Building Envelope Consultants (MHI).  This site has been developed to assist the public awareness of what a roofing or building envelope consultant does, as well as provide an overview of the services our firm provides


On the left panel are several links which describe MHI – our mission, background, and services that we provide for our clients.


We have included a comprehensive list of industry links to the websites of several North American Associations and Companies that are prominent in the roofing and building envelope industry.


A Photo Gallery is also included depicting several different types of building materials and their installation. 


As our site is still growing, we anticipate the addition of more photo galleries, including a humorous photo section, a blog entry portion for FAQ’s and dialogs, as well as publication of several technical journal articles including educational material.  An interactive computer model of typical building problems and preventative maintenance is planned for later in 2008.


We at MHI hope you find our site informative and useful.  Should you have any questions, please contact us.



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